David Monroe, Executive Director, Adult Learning Programs of Alaska
“Merritt displays a unique ability to dig deeply into the details of any project in order to
facilitate the best outcomes. He does this with a very positive attitude and with an often needed completely independent perspective that supportively impacts the overall success of the project.”

Biologist, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
“I was doubtful at first about the value of a facilitator but now I am convinced!  This is the second time I have attended a meeting facilitated by April and I felt it to be very beneficial.”

Edna McLean, President, Ilisagvik College
“You [Merritt] have assisted Ilisagvik College since the beginning of 1998 as its consultant on workforce and higher education projects.  Ilisagvik College has been well served by your efforts including your innovations, project organization, planning, writing skills, and by your personal qualities of positive vision, humor, and skills with people.” http://www.ilisagvik.edu/

Robert Thompson, Nenana City School District Superintendent
“As an evaluator, Mr. Helfferich is able to be objective, probing, accurate and supportive. He is the only grant evaluator in my 36-year career who has been able to walk that fine line of being an advocate for the interests of the granting agency and a supportive guide for grant implementation.” http://nenanalynx.org/

Director, Alaska State Fair Association
“You [April] really made us think and knew how to draw out information and ideas from everyone.” http://www.alaskastatefair.org/site/

Dr. Susan Herman, Professor of Organizational Behavior and the Director of the Northern Leadership Center
“I hired Merritt to co-facilitate a two day leadership retreat.  His knowledge of the topic,
his ability to relate to participants, his mastery of The Perfect Quotation for Any Situation, his unflagging energy and a delightful sense of humor, made him a superlative partner. I’d work with him again in a heartbeat.” http://www.uafleadership.com/

Natural Resources Manager, US National Park Service
“April did a great job facilitating a subject that is inherently complex." http://www.nps.gov/akso/

Sharon McConnell Gillis, Executive Director, Doyon Foundation
“I want to thank you [Merritt & April] for the outstanding job you did for Doyon Foundation over the past year on conducting a feasibility study and assisting in the application process for the proposed Effie Kokrine Charter School.  Doyon Foundation and the other organizing groups of the charter school could not have accomplished as much in such a short amount of time if it were not for your efforts.”  http://ekc.k12northstar.org/

Board Chair, An Alaskan Nonprofit Organization
“ [April] I have to say – using contemporary terminology – You ROCK!  I guess you have done this a time or two before – it shows!”



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